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Grading and Feedback



Grading Discussions

An overview of the process to grade a discussion.

Grading Assignments

An overview of the process to grade an assignment.

Grading Assignments Offline

Discover how to download student work to grade offline.

Grading Quizzes

An overview of the process to grade a quiz.

Using Quick Eval

Quickly find, sort, and filter ungraded student work.

Working in the Gradebook

Access student work directly from the gradebook in either standard or spreadsheet view.


Transferring Quiz Grades to the Grade Book

Export quiz grades to the grade book.

Students Cannot See Grades

Release grades for students to view from the grade book.

Grading Discussions

Brightspace Faculty FAQ

Quick answers to the most frequently asked faculty questions about Brightspace.

Brightspace Website

Please know we will continue to send updates and opportunities for training as we get close to the launch date.  You can also review updates and migration information on our Brightspace website.

Brightspace Website


Curated resources for managing your Brightspace course.


Zoom Video Conferencing

COMING SOON! Curated resources for using the Zoom in your Brightspace course.

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