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Essential Job Aids

NCUOne Basics

Faculty Guide Welcome Announcement and Welcome Letter

Step by step guide for faculty on how to insert a course welcome letter/announcement.

Faculty Homepage NCUOne

Review the main features of the faculty homepage in NCUOne.

Kaltura User Guide for Faculty

Learn how to create, house, and share videos using the Kaltura tool.

NCUOne Basics

NCUOne Tools and Features 

NCUOne Tools and Features

Grading and Feedback Resources 

Annotation Tool for Faculty

How to add annotations to a students submission.

Assessing Nongraded Items in CMP Courses

Access your dropbox to grade a students ungraded work at the end of a course.

Assessment Rubric Alerts in NCUOne

An overview of the Assessment Rubric Notification for a graded assignment.

Assignment Resubmission Best Practice

How to allow a student to resubmit an assignment, best practices.

Completing Aassessment Rubrics

An overview of the process of assessing a students performance in a course.

Completing Grading Rubrics in NCUOne

An overview of the process of completing a grading rubric.

Incomplete Grades and Grade Appeals

Learn more about the process for Incomplete Grades and Grade Appeals for one-to-one courses.

Edit Due Date NCUOne

How to guide on modifying due dates for an assignment.

Grade Change Process

Submit a Grade Change Request for a student's work in FRANK.

Grading and Providing Feedback in NCUOne

An overview of the process to grade and provide feedback.

Quick Eval Tool for Faculty

Discover how to quickly view and grade submitted work.

Resetting Quizzes in NCUOne

An overview of the process of resetting a quiz that has been attempted.

Grading and Feeback Resources

Additional Resources 

Using the At Risk Notifications Tool

Use the At-Risk Notification Tool when a student is at risk of failing a course.

Faculty Replacement and Substitutions

Provides an overview for new faculty or substitute faculty on how to access the original faculty member's class mid-course to continue grading the student's assignments.

University Services Faculty Job Aid

Learn how to access the University Services and its resources.

Additional Resources
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